Margherita Bertolio

Osteopathic Council of Ireland (OCI) Registration Number: 23032400

Margherita Bertolio

I was first introduced to osteopathy in my late teens after an accident, and I was immediately fascinated by its effectiveness and non-invasive approach as a manual therapy. Osteopathy was a fantastic help to me when I needed it and allowed me to quickly return to my normal levels of activity through Osteopathic treatment, and advice on rehabilitation.

I embarked on my first year of Osteopathic studies in my hometown Turin in Italy at the Scuola Superiore Di Osteopatia Italiana (SSOI). The SSOI college was established in 2009 by practising Osteopaths. The curriculum at the SSOI included classical and manipulative osteopathy, with expert tuition and hands-on practical experience in clinical settings with working Osteopaths as well as detailed tuition by doctors and researchers specialised in their fields such as cardiologists and physiologists.

In year two I moved to CEESO Osteopathic college, in Lyon, France. At CEESO, I received an exceptional education in structural, cranial and visceral approach through the teaching and practicing of a wide range of techniques. The integration of cranial and visceral techniques with the structural approach works to ensure that the body’s framework is in alignment and aids in restoring the body’s ability to keep its own balance and homeostasis.

During my second and third year of training I had the opportunity to intern across many medical fields: I observed orthopaedic surgeries, shadowed a Consultant Rheumatologist in hospital and a Pelvic Floor Specialist. The CEESO also further enhanced our deep anatomical learning through the observation of full body dissections. We also gained practical experience by partaking at sporting events in the city and the surrounding locality, where students had the opportunity to treat athletes following their sporting events.

It was in Lyon that I had the pleasure of meeting Marine Schirru, a fellow osteopath and my current colleague at Mallow, Blarney & Fermoy Osteopathic Clinic. After two years in Lyon, I continued with my Osteopathic studies by moving to the UK to complete my master’s degree at the European School of Osteopathy (ESO).

The ESO, established in 1974, is a renowned Osteopathic school in Kent, which offers students a full-time master’s degree programme. I refined my skills and expertise in structural, fascial, and cranial techniques learning from the excellent and highly experienced tutors in the university clinic and during theoretical and practical lectures. I was delighted to graduate following an additional two years of study, amounting to a total of five years of full-time education in Osteopathy. Osteopaths who graduate from the ESO are highly regarded and in demand throughout Europe and beyond.

Throughout my clinical training, I had the opportunity to practice in various specialist clinics such as women’s health, pregnancy, paediatrics, headaches and migraines clinic, and the sports injury clinic, areas in which I have a keen interest in and look forward to treating in the Osteopathic clinics. During my fifth year of study, I attended courses in Internal Osteopathic Techniques and Dry Needling, both taught and certified by Osteopaths based in London and Kent.
Following graduation, my Osteopathic career began in Italy. I started working in a holistic centre in Torino and also provided home consultations in geriatric treatment and rehabilitation. I’m now delighted to continue my Osteopathic journey here in Ireland.

I am a “happy-go-lucky” person, social, dependable, and dynamic. I like to learn and develop new skills. I have a keen interest in supporting the body’s health and well-being through non-invasive and natural approaches. Thanks to my Mum, I had the opportunity to achieve Level II in Reiki and attend
a Naturopathy Introduction course during my teens. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading and gardening, as well as outdoor rock climbing. I feel a deep connection with nature and animals and later in time I would like to provide Osteopathic treatments for animals.

I eagerly anticipate going on long hikes and exploring all the outdoor activities that Cork and Ireland has to offer. I also enjoy music, especially gigs and jam sessions. I am fluent in Italian, French and English, rusty in Spanish, and I am currently learning Portuguese and Greek – and now perhaps, a little bit of Gaeilge!

I’m delighted to be part of the Osteopathic team at the Blarney, Mallow & Fermoy Osteopathic Clinic where I’ve had the pleasure of working with exceptional colleagues, Judith, Marine and Damien, as well as the various Healthcare practitioners at the multi-disciplinary clinics at the Bellevue Clinic, Mallow and Cork Healing Centre, Blarney.

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